Cincinnati Synchrogators

Cincinnati Synchrogators


We command the pool. Our graceful strength and dedication provide the framework for life well beyond this moment. With vigor, poise, and heart our presence is felt today and tomorrow.

We believe in hard work. It opens possibilities, and empowers us to forge forward, even when the waters are rough.

We are the Cincinnati Synchrogators

What We Saw

In rebranding Cincinnati Synchrogators, we helped them craft their 50-year story of building character, defining moments, and forging lasting bonds.

The local synchronized swimming team had a worthy goal: not to simply teach young swimmers how to move through the pool, but to challenge them, teach them to work together, support each other, and gain confidence as they move forward in life.

With their branding and uniforms, we found the opportunity to create something that evoked strength, confidence, and a fierce attitude to help unify the team.

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